Environment as well as us, we all win

(…and over 500 of our current clients already believe in this)

Your health is better

(in addition to physical health, there is no additional mental stress)

You can provide better service to your clients

(to feel even more secure, you are welcome to order a video recording of the destruction process)

You have more time to spend on your clients

(at the same time, all of your unnecessary documents are confidentially destroyed)

You can concentrate on your work and not worry about the destruction of papers

(there is no need to stand next to the shredder and worry about information leaking out)

Contract with Ühisteenused AS is concluded

(documents, data media, waste paper, office equipment – we take it all away)

Documents expire

(information and facts may not expire and thus there is a security risk)

Document is created

(In Estonia over 5000 tons of A4 and A3 white office paper is purchased annually)

You destroy your documents in the paper shredder

(shredder only fits 80 to 90 A4 pages)

You spend 30 minutes of your day on the shredder

You create noise and dust and damage your own as well as everyone else’s health

(lung diseases can evolve from dust)

You cough and have a head ache

(paper dust has tiny particles and this can cause a lot of damage to your entire body)

Productivity at work is generally low

(the amount of energy necessary for the job is reducing)

Meie veebilehe kasutamise jätkamisega nõustute veebilehe põhifunktsioonide toimimiseks ja kasutaja eelistuste salvestamiseks vajalike küpsiste kasutamisega.

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